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Difficulties when making panel cuts

Developing a cutting diagram that optimizes the use of panels can be a complex and tedious task when done by hand. In addition, you are not safe from errors in entering the dimensions when creating the diagram and therefore subsequently when producing your debit in the workshop, leading to waste of material and unnecessary expenses.

Not carrying out this optimization upstream of your throughput can result in wasted material as well as costs that your company cannot necessarily afford.

The best way to remedy this problem is to acquire cutting optimization software adapted to your needs and which is truly effective. However, many cutting diagram design software offered on the market are not very intuitive and difficult to use, in addition to often being very expensive.

However, there is a solution to this. all these problems

découpe de panneaux

OPCutting is simple and intuitive cutting optimization software. It is the result of many years of development in consultation with carpenters and fitters. With OPCutting, you will easily and quickly create your cutting diagrams and make substantial savings by increasing the number of parts cut per panel and reducing the rate of non-reusable scraps. OPCutting has been adopted by more than 2000 professionals in world.

  • Software designed in consultation with professionals carpentry and layout.
  • Very quick handling.
  • Save considerable time during production of your cuts
  • You will eliminate the risk of errors between the dimensions entered in the cutting list and those reported in the cutting diagram.
  • You can use different units of measurement.
  • Very attractive desired price, within the reach of all professionals, which allows you to make your acquisition profitable after only a few uses.
  • You will benefit from email support without time limit.

How OPCutting allows you to create your cutting diagrams

What OPCutting changes in the way you make your cuts

Some testimonials from OPCutting users

Mr Mazoue (company AMC) : Simple and efficient.

Mr Becle : Good, practical, easy to use.

Shankar T : Good and cheap software! it was already profitable after two uses.

Hensgen G : Very good! this software.

Mr Hancock : We are satisfied with the functions of your software and place an order.

Venet T : Thank you for creating software that makes our work easier, congratulations!

Nadine & JP : Dear sir, I admire the ease of use of OPCutting and the time saved by craftsmen for cutting materials.

In summary, what are the benefits for you of using OPCutting?

Using DebitPro to carry out your cutting optimizations has many benefits for you, such as reducing panel waste, saving costs for your business, increasing your productivity, improving accuracy and of the quality of your work.

Ease of use and performance:

Getting started with OPCutting is intuitive and very quick. You gain productivity thanks to the optimized cutting diagrams produced by the software.

Considerable time saving:

Entering the parts from the cutting diagram and the cutting list is done in a single operation. You can change the dimensions and number of parts very quickly and regenerate your cutting optimization diagram in just a few clicks.

Elimination of the risk of errors:

No more risk of having errors between the dimensions entered in the cutting list and those of the cutting diagram.

Very attractive price:

The very attractive price of OPCutting puts it within the reach of all professionals and allows them to make the acquisition profitable after only a few uses.

Unlimited email support

By purchasing OPCutting, you benefit from unlimited email support.

You have questions about OPCutting

The FAQ will answer your main questions regarding the use of the software and you can also contact me via this form if you cannot find all the answers to your questions.

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